ADAS sensors market analysis by Future Market Insights

ADAS sensors market analysis by Future Market Insights

Future Market Insights explains that electrification and autonomous mobility have the potential to be game changers for ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems), particularly in the sensors market.

The amalgamation of electrification and autonomous mobility is set to fuel an astounding 14% growth of the ADAS sensors market during the period 2020 to 2030.

Despite the recessionary headwinds of the COVID-19 crisis, study estimates that ADAS sensors market will outpace the overall growth in the automotive sector which is pegged at anywhere between 2 to 4% in the same forecast time frame.

Analysis suggests that tier 2 members of the ADAS sensors market landscape will benefit greatly by scaling up sensor architecture and embracing technology in analytics, user interfaces, and user experiences.

Greater emphasis on partnerships between OEMs and ADAS systems suppliers will be witnessed in the new-found ecosystem.

Key takeaways of ADAS sensors market

  • High repurchase rate of ADAS sensor equipped passenger vehicles will boost market prospects

  • Market will see steady revenue streams from OEMs and their suppliers which will remain primal sales channels through 2030

  • Park assist sensors are set to generate steady revenue streams followed by emergency braking, collision warning and cruise control

Photonic technologies in LIDAR for autonomous mobility

Within the fleet and commercial vehicle space there has been proliferation of new technologies. Besides conventional radar and LIDAR sensors, advanced photonic technologies have become the primary enablers in order to achieve very high levels of autonomous control.

MEMS mirrors, and photodetectors and silicon photomultipliers and new photodiodes are novel innovations in the LIDAR system designs helping to better perceive and understand the environment.

These accurate and affordable new designs are augmenting conventional radars and LIDAR for more comprehensive 3D detection.

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